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2012 AGM Report

2012 AGM.

Our 2012 Annual General Meeting was held on Thursday 13th of December, at our usual venue, the Woodman Arms, Wootton. There were twenty one Members present, with apologies from John Evans.

We opened with the reading and approval of the 2011 Minutes, followed by the Chairman’s report, as shown after this report. This was followed by the election of the new Committee and co-opted Members. No surprises here, it remains exactly the same as last year!

Under Any Other Business, it was suggested that we should submit a Morris Minor decorated tree in the Brighstone Christmas Tree Festival next year. This met with general approval, and will be investigated

After the AGM concluded, festive fare was served, and a small raffle was drawn.

This, of course, was our first meeting held since a new Landlord took over, but as it was not like our normal meetings, it was difficult to gauge how the new relationship will develop.


As Chairman of the Isle of Wight Branch of the Morris Minor Owner’s Club, I would like to say I have enjoyed my position over the last year, only made easier by the help of the Committee, but, like some other Members, I am always willing to stand down.

Unfortunately, there has been no response from our request in last month’s magazine for the positions of Committee Members: this is disappointing, as I think it is good for the club to have new input. However, I would like to thank the outgoing committee and those members who have helped over the past year, especially at our Rally when it is most needed. This of course includes my Grandson Edward, (then aged six), who worked like a Beaver at the gate.

The Rally Organiser for this year will again be Dave Gilliam, who did a sterling job this year, also thanking him for producing the monthly magazine, input to the National magazine, and other Classic car magazines, all of which can be thankless tasks.

I can confirm that we have the same sponsors as this year for our 2013 Annual rally, Tim Lang of the Classic restoration Centre, Taunton, Somerset, Wight Business Services, and Matt and Barry Price, of Price’s garage, Newport. The Saturday Run for 2013 is finalised and will be to the Roman Villa in Brading.

The subscriptions for 2013 will remain the same; this decision has been approved by the outgoing Committee.

Thank you to Alan Peeling for keeping our finances in order and having the foresight to purchase two year’s worth of stamps, with the committee’s approval, and for keeping our blog up to date.

If you do not already come to our monthly meetings, why not come along? They are quite informal and friendly. Knowledgeable members are always willing to advise you and answer your questions.

Your comments and suggestions will be most welcome under any other business and throughout the year.

Finally, Mary and I wish all Members a Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year and thank you for your support and friendship during 2012.

Malcolm Jones

IOW MMOC Treasurer’s Report 2011/12

It has been yet another satisfactory year for the IOWMMOC, with funds at the year-end standing at a very healthy £1,431.06 after an apparent loss of £336.64 for the year. However we have invested in regalia and stamps during the year with stocks at sale value of £743.98, some £338.58 more than last year. The loss is almost identical to the extra stock values so it could be said we broke even for the year: an ideal result! We usually buy stamps for the year just before the now regular price rise but due to the size of the rise in April 2012 we bought 2 years supply. Our stock of stamps which which cost £283.68 would be £394.00 today or £110.32 more! The committee still feel that funds had been allowed to rise to an unnecessary level and the money was not being used to our members’ benefit, so we are happy with this years results.
Following the financial success of recent free entry rallies the committee approved the same for 2012, with a tight control kept on costs we even managed to make a modest profit of £96.54 – an ideal result. The aim of the rally is for folk to enjoy themselves – it is not a money making exercise and we aim for break even. There still seems to be a national trend for attendance at branch rallies to be slowly decreasing so we are pleased to report that our figures seem to be holding firm. As usual we thank our sponsors: Tim Lang Classics (Minor Magic of Taunton) who donates the plaques and WBS of Newport who did the rally programs and posters free of charge. We also thank Island traders who donate raffle prizes and Barry Price (Price's Garage) who sponsors the trophies – without all this help the free rally would not be possible. The total value of this help is roundly £370. We are also grateful to the Isle of Wight Steam Railway for free use of their Show Field: we do however always make a donation to this charity to show our appreciation. We also thank Southern Vectis for the loan of the 'Old Girl' which is an added attraction for visitors: this year we raised a record £190.00 for the Bus Museum from bus fares.
The cost to print and distribute the magazine is still around 30p per copy. Our thanks to all who deliver magazine for nothing and to those members who opt to have their magazine sent by email. The committee meets 3 or 4 times a year and attend various functions/meetings for the club but never make expense claims: we do it because we enjoy it!
Due to our healthy funds we feel justified in laying on the free eats at the AGM, and the wine for the annual dinner. Members’ suggestions for ways we can put our funds to members’ benefit are always welcome.
We always try to make a small charitable donation each year and last year we made a £150.00 donation to the Earl Mountbatten Hospice. This appears in this year’s accounts. As this years rally made a small surplus the committee recommends a £100.00 donation from club funds to the Hospice for this year. Previously we have had a donation from a local business which was not the case this year, hence the lower donation this year.

Membership has again fallen slightly this year to 91

Finally, with a healthy bank balance, the committee feels there is no need to alter the £6.00 subs rate, with a £1.00 reduction for on time renewals.

Alan Peeling



Memberships 455.00
Magazine 320.19
Bank Interest 0.07
Tax on interest 0.01

Charity Donation 150.00
Regalia 144.00
Regalia (at cost) 239.06

Annual Dinner wine 41.20
Crane Hire

Stationary 34.79

Meetings 42.00
Branch rebate 34.00
Brian Arnold 25.00
Christmas raffle 22.00
Christmas meeting 56.00
Rally Profit 96.54
Stamps 180.00
Total Income 751.61
Total Costs 1088.25

PROFIT -336.64

c/f balance 1767.70

New Balance 1431.06
Actual Balance includes 13 members paid up for 2013 and I member for 2014


Rally Account 2012


Bus trip 190.00
Museum Donation 190.00
Camping fees 42.00
Camp site costs 42.00
Raffle 189.00
Site costs 108.00
Autojumble 90.00
Advertising 0.00
Sale of plaques 139.50
b-b-q 25.06
Trophy Sponsorship 41.48
Trophies 41.48
Misc Sales 3.00
Misc 19.90

Band 60.00

Stationary 12.00

PA hire 100.00
Total Income 694.98
Total Costs 598.44

Rally Profit 96.54

Regalia 460.30
2011 £311.80
Stamps (788 @0.36p) 283.68
2011 £93.60

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